Interview with Trinest Co-founder Tomas Juskaitis

G: Tell us about your business: What do you do? What did inspire you to start?

One of those magnificent questions that has a limitlessly long answers. However, I promise to do my best, in order to fit everything in the most appropriate sentences. :)

While working alongside with a group of PHD professors in pharmaceuticals, neuroscientists, nutritionists and dieticians – we have created two brand new multivitamin daily packs, which are made out of most natural, bio and nature loving ingredients that we handpicked at 42 different countries in Europe and Asia.

Talking about the inspiration – it was nothing else but personal necessity and honest curiosity. Everyone knows that today we are not really living the healthiest lifestyle we could be living… Quite often we do not sleep enough, the food products we are buying are overloaded with preservatives and regularly processed in the cheapest possible way; and I do not even want to start talking about all the stress levels we are allowing us selves to have. After doing some research and considering all of that, it was clear that the high quality food supplement would be a very useful tool to keep myself away from doctors, paracetamol and NHS. And that was the moment to face the biggest issue of them all… From the first look – the market is filled by different vitamin brands, multivitamins, minerals and supplements, but the sad fact is that today the most popular vitamins being used by huge pharmaceutical corporations more as a colourful PR tool, than a product dedicated to supplement the key areas of consumer’s general well being. So, after spending numerous amount of hours researching and talking with the scientists – the ludicrous question emerged. How impossible would it be to create a universal multivitamin that we would be glad to take it by us self…

G: What is unique about your product?

After three years of a very scientific work we have managed to create 3in1 daily multivitamin packs that are pure and natural enough to be beneficial even for pregnant and breast-feeding ladies, as well as a nutritional boost of vitamins and minerals tailored to a busy and productive lifestyle of any men or women.

And we called it Trinest with an idea to suggest you to Try the Finest. :)

G: What were the biggest obstacles launching the start-up and how did you overcome them?

Well… Let me just say that when you are creating and launching brand new multivitamin products and your initial budget is smaller than £3m – that is quite an obstacle. :)

G: Why did you choose Shoreditch to launch your start-up?  

As a part of London, Shoreditch is a very unique and vibrant place; filled with lots of up-to-date companies, smart minds and people with a great & brave artistic taste.

G: Who are your favorite CEOs in Shoreditch?

The list of surnames probably wouldn’t be the most politically correct answer here. So I will have to say that anyone who is crazy enough to think different and determined enough to act that way – deserved my professional sympathy and admiration.

G: What does the future has in store for your company?

I honestly hope that the future is going to be full of professional adventures, challenges and lessons to learn, while making people healthier and allowing then to forget their doctor’s phone numbers. :)

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