Shoreditch Launch for Greenhaus – An Innovative ‘Brick-and-Data’ Solution for Physical Retail

Greenhaus, an omnichannel platform for direct-to-consumer and digitally native brands, has opened its flagship store in Shoreditch.

Greenhaus offers its brand partners turn-key physical retail space in coveted high street locations for a fraction of the cost typically incurred to rent, open and maintain a storefront. Brands pay a flat monthly fee plus a percentage of in-store sales and subscriptions range from weeks to months, empowering brands with more flexibility and control when compared to a traditional stockist model.Brands further benefit from the Greenhaus proprietary technology platform, designed to simplify inventory management and supercharge customer targeting and conversion efforts. And because Greenhaus signs long-term agreements with landlords, brands can send a stronger message of reliability and stability to customers versus a ‘pop-up’ residence.

There are sizeable advantages for the ever-growing cohort of ethical direct-to-consumer brands that are currently resident at Greenhaus. Gomi uses Greenhaus as a platform for Kickstarter backers to test their new speaker design made from non-recyclable plastic. COCO-MAT, a wooden bike company from Athens, Greece, lists Greenhaus as their main London point of sale and visitors can test ride the product. Stroodles, the biodegradable and vegan pasta straws, offer samples and tasters to visitors.

The c.2,000 square-foot location in Shoreditch, which was initially booked through Appear Here, currently supports over ten brands and doubles as a co-working and events space, creating a greater average time spent in-store for the typical customer as well as encouraging a community of like-minded people to congregate and share ideas.

“Greenhaus is the obvious next step in the evolution of retail as we combine the benefits of a dedicated physical presence with the advantages of e-commerce, all while cultivating a community around experiences and shared interests,” said Co-Founder and CEO Philip Haines.

“85% of shopping is still done offline and data tells us that online sales grow twice as fast in geographies where brands have a physical location. We’re providing an elegant solution for all parties: access to new sales channels for brands, cash flow security for landlords, and a unique, curated experience for customers.”

Shoreditch is the first of many stores that Greenhaus plans to open across major metropolitan hubs worldwide, allowing brands the unique opportunity to tap into retail markets globally with just a few clicks..