Photo taken by Jayden Downie

Red Light Busking Transforms Clipmasons Into a Spiritual Den For Vocalist Laila


When Laila rolled out her dream catcher, white candles, and incense sticks at Walthamstow’s Clipmason, we immediately felt a lift in good vibrations and universal energies, and this was all before we’d even started. The public must have too felt this lift in good energies, as the surrounding area was a buzz with passion as pedestrians waited in anticipation for what Red Light Busking’s first lady Laila had to offer. They didn’t have to wait long, as she set the mood with her soulful vocals and gave the gift of spiritual upliftment as she took them along a journey of love, love lost, and the vulnerability of self-discovery.



We’re changing the narrative | Rewriting the script | For what colour is supposed to represent | For what people are supposed to be | About how a not-for-profit should be run.

Our core principles of giving back to the community and creating opportunities for lived youth powers us to create and innovate. We understand the needs of this vital group and realise the importance of bringing communities together, regardless of complexion, religion, or background. We believe that the high street is vital for maintaining community spirit, especially now, which is why we have put ourselves at the heart of it. Our plan is simple, Red Light Busking floods the high streets with high-quality cultural experiences, with music being at the heart of what we do. Curators of culture, we bridge the gap between local businesses, societies and age groups. We enable artists and young people with lived experiences to create and collaborate with local businesses, the backbone of the economy. Meanwhile, locals get immersed in the arts, enjoying slices of creative, live, musical and cultural experiences whilst they shop, breathing life back into our high street.