The Funniest Fortune Cookie Messages

Fortune cookies are a traditional part of dining in China and let’s be honest, we all look forward to receiving our crescent shaped cookie with a titbit of wisdom at the end of our meal. We’ve recently had International Fortune Cookie Day which Diply and Gala celebrated by compiling equally entertaining lists of the funniest fortune cookies.

Fortune cookies play an important role in Chinese culture and they are traditionally handed out to diners after a meal. Much like with astrology, the messages hidden inside fortune cookies are sometimes taken literally and can dictate people’s actions as a result. For others, they are merely something to chuckle over and how seriously they are taken will partly depend on the message.

Some cookies have become highly desirable collector’s items due to their bizarre message and some of the craziest have even made it viral.

Here are the top five funniest fortune cookies that are enough to make you crumble with giggles:

Fortune Number One: “Help! I am being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery!”

Humour/Originality Rating: 5

This has to be one of the best fortune cookies for its humour and originality.

Fortune Number Two: “Pick another fortune cookie!”

Humour/Originality Rating: 5

This fortune cookie has to be one of the funniest fortunes. You wait all that time and crack open your biscuit only to be told to pick another one – genius.

Fortune Number Three: “Now is the time to make circles with mints!”

Humour/Originality Rating: 4

What better way to see how seriously your diners take their fortunes than to give them a meaningless and completely random task to complete?

Fortune Number Four: “It’s a good thing that life is not as serious as it seems to the waiter”

Humour/Originality Rating: 4

After a tasty meal served by a competent but slightly reserved waiter, this will round off your dining experience perfectly.

Fortune Number Five: “Marriage lets you annoy someone special for the rest of your life”

Humour/Originality Rating: 4

And some other worth mentioning:

Clever yet humorous, especially if you are dining out with a loved one.

Fortune cookies don’t always have to be serious as shown in Galas list that shows you some of the funniest, from meaningless information through to clever jokes. Have you ever cracked open a fortune cookie and found a funny fortune that has taken you by surprise?

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