Shane Codd Gives Timeless 90s Dance Vibes On His New Dance-Pop Crossover Smash “Something More”

Platinum-certified Irishman Shane Codd showcases his talent and sonic diversity with a new single “Something More.” Listeners around the globe may recognize him from the quarantine-era breakthrough anthem “Get Out My Head,” which in addition to claiming Gold and Platinum certifications, peaked at #5 on the Irish Singles Chart, and within the Top 10 of the charts in the United Kingdom. On his brand new “Something More” the young producer brings back his upbeat, addictive style, which opens with digitized chords offset by soulful vocals, then quickly builds into a euphoric progressive drop accompanied by soaring melodies and hopeful lyrics. The song spreads a positive message, complete with an easy-listening, 90’s inspired sonic style, creating the perfect formula for the next midsummer anthem. Codd was inspired by the feeling of the drops in songs such as Eric Prydz‘s “Opus” when he made the single, for which he said that he cast the rules aside and let creativity guide him. Codd initially caught global attention with “Get Out My Head,” which went viral with a locally charged, grassroots approach and changed his life for good. After being skyrocketed into the electronic music scene, we can’t wait to see what Shane Codd has up his sleeve next.

Working on ‘Something More‘ was similar to when I made ‘Get Out My Head,’ where I made it on my own in my bedroom in Cavan in Ireland with my headphones on, staying up until 6AM. I started actually by feeling a little stuck on what to do, as I was working on another idea, and it wasn’t going anywhere. I took out the keyboard and started playing notes with a sound I really liked from the Nexus plugin. Then I looked on Splice for vocals that I thought suited. I decided not to play by any rules in the song as I wanted to make it fun and how I wanted and not worry about anyone else. That made the process very enjoyable and sort of bold to break the rules. The long intro on the Original Mix was something I wanted to have in there to try and build an epic euphoric moment, something like Eric Prydz‘s ‘Opus‘ with the tempo starting slow and building up to build the energy. I also wanted to go for a 90s trancey vibe, and I think it sounded a bit more modern too, which I liked.” – Shane Codd about “Something More

After making ‘Get Out My Head‘ in my bedroom and releasing it during the pandemic in 2020, I was blown away by the reaction immediately. People were sharing it and playing it at their drinking sessions during the sunny weekend we got in Ireland end of May this year. It went from that to people telling me they heard the track being played in someone’s car in different towns and then to it starting to get thousands of streams online. I was so excited I would sit out in the car and take videos of it on the radio. Getting signed to Polydor afterward was amazing. The team was great, and they really sent the record flying. It was Top 10 in a few countries, including the United Kingdom, and the Top 5 in Ireland for weeks and hit charts in BelgiumThe Netherlands, and Poland and #1 on Shazam in multiple countries. It also went #1 on the US Dance Radio chart. I was blown away and so grateful. This song completely changed my life, and I am forever grateful to everyone for their support, and now I just want to keep going. In the meantime, I was doing remixes for the likes of Ellie GouldingAnne-MarieLittle MixThe Wanted, and Becky Hill while also working on new tracks. Then, of course, pressure came as well, but I like to look at the positive side and be grateful. I feel like now I’ve been in the game for almost 3 years, got to do 2 years of gigs, and finally have experience in the game. Since there’s a lot more to the music industry, there’s still loads to learn. I’m excited for the future and to get all the new music I’ve been working on out. I’m really doing music that I love and inspires me and takes influence from music I love and that I want to play out – 90s / 00s trance and house being keywords and also with influences from the likes of AviciiSwedish House Mafia and more. Starting a new journey with my new management and label is exciting.” – Shane Codd about releasing his breakthrough hit “Get Out My Head

Shane Codd is a 24-year-old DJ/Producer from DublinIreland. House music runs through his veins. His love for it can be traced back to when he was a child; he’d listen to club classics at home, in the car with his mother, with mates at school, anywhere. Its effect is fully felt on his breakout single “Get Out My Head,” which nods to the late 90s/early 2000s dance sound, albeit with his own unique twist. Created in his bedroom at his family home as a form of escape when life paused due to the pandemic, the track became inescapable itself, resulting in a Top 10 hit on the Official UK Singles Chart as well as Top 5 in his native Ireland, racking up over 20 million streams across both territories. While he is an entirely self-taught producer, it wasn’t always easy. He remembers dropping out of college for a year, moving into a damp apartment in Dublin with no heating, and struggling to pay rent, all so he could focus solely on making music. 5 years on, he admits: “I still have loads to learn, it’s the exciting bit for me. I’m learning piano now – it’s a life goal to get good at it“. His goal is a simple but ambitious one. Like his heroes of the genre – AviciiGigi D’Agostino and Alice Deejay, he wants “to go down as a legendary dance producer, someone who is respected, brought out good music and put on a great live show. I’d love it if my music was remembered in 20 years like Robin S‘ “Show me Love,” one that people still love & doesn’t get old, truly classic tunes.”