Made in Shoreditch: Music Factory Final Event At Hoxton Gallery, 29th November

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To celebrate the unique music scene of Shoreditch and to find the best talent in town, Made in Shoreditch Magazine launched a competition for rock/pop/indie bands and solo artists. For two months Made in Shoreditch: Music Factory was looking for the coolest and most innovative bands / solo artists. We are happy to announce that the search is over and the TOP 6 winners of the competition will perform in the final Made in Shoreditch: Music Factory event on 29th of November at Hoxton Gallery.

Top 6 Most Liked Bands In Shoreditch


Rusty Boat


Izzy’s Daughter

Vita And The Vicious

Oscar Suave

Artists At The Event


Catharina Cronenberger Golebiowska  
Form is never static. Form is alive, vital and always mobile.Catharina is a visual artist, Master graduate from Slade School of Fine Arts, who combines objects such as machine fragments, spectral lenses or reflective materials with her analogue videos, following theories in Astrophysics and exploring physical phenomena. Her work is an overlapping of multiple layers and shifting between the known and the great unknown. Since 2007 she participated in about 50 international exhibitions, presented texts and works in several publications, founded the artist platform The Chess Club and The Death Ray Film Club London.

 Vitalograph_mike_korr Capture2 Capture

Paintings & Photography 

Steven Quinn
Artist living in London does from paintings and collages to photography. Quinn has previously exhibited at The National Portrait gallery and various galleries in New York City.  Several of his prints will be showcased at the final event and will be up for grabs to a lucky few on the night.


Anna Laurini
Anna’s work is inspired by the abstract expressionism movement. Throughout the years she has developed a unique style using a mix of acrylic paint, collage and other media. Her genuine positivism is clearly presented in her choice of colors and shapes as she tries to transmit her emotions to the viewer.Anna vibrant expressionist style has been very much a result of her experience of living and working as an artist in the heart of the world most stimulating metropolis as London and New York.Anna’s worldwide travels and experiences have greatly impacted the charismatic expansive nature of her life and work.

003 wanderlust 001


Hunto developed a love for art world at very early age. Starting to do graffiti in 1996 under the name “Hunto”, the artist has been going throught different periods of characters painting styles.  During his first steps, Hunto was inspired by the works of Picasso and Braque. He then moved towards Cubism and created his orginal characters style that is well known around the streets in his country. With this original style, his pieces have been published in various specialised magazines and brought him to national and international events in Europe.

1_l_hunto london 2012 1_l_wany_hunto_krio 1_l_pausa

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