1935410_1087692364596122_5390520146114427439_nDepression, anxiety and mental illness are experiences that are often times difficult to put into words. That’s when different mediums can aid with such explanations.

Photographer Joel Robison uses his conceptual photography in an attempt to better understand himself and his journey coping with anxiety. But his work is not for his own personal enlightenment. His images speak to a larger account, that millions can relate to. In an effort to explore these common realities, he plays with objects and sizes to create a world that exists in the mind of a person with mental illness. Robison beautifully creates images that speak to the human experience and how it affects an individual.12469544_1103173643047994_7042514338830646547_o12465840_1102533196445372_4780043334113711473_o 12484690_1097688600263165_4507830445513721269_o 12473607_1096540780377947_6820775478720238898_o 920669_1094212957277396_2289078236923826954_o 10633374_1091852030846822_4652646015781234886_o 12471710_1104907896207902_3976040138972918727_o

Image Source: http://joelrobison.com/