1. Share the person’s passions
When you have something in common with someone, you will both naturally bond together. Whether that’s your shared love for running, food or a place, you are more likely to get along with someone if you enjoy the same things. This in turn can make you appear attractive if you have common ground. Of course, finding someone who shares your interests can be hard, but with social app Huggle, you can discover people who go to the same places as you and share your lifestyle. There’s no better ice breaker than having something in common, so why not start with mutual places!

2. Eye contact

In normal conversation, people look at each other 30-60% of the time but when a couple are attracted to one another they will look at each other 75% of the time. Studies have found if you look at someone you fancy 75 per cent of the time when they’re talking to you, you trick their brain. The brain knows the last time someone looked at them that long and often, it meant they were in love.

3. Be easy to get…

Use a dating app like Huggle (yes we’re obsessed with it) that way people will instantly know you’re available. When you first meet someone whether online or offline, interact with them a lot. The more you engage with someone the more they’ll like you. Contrary to popular belief being aloof at the start may not be as effective as spending time or talking to the person you fancy.

4. …Then be hard to get

Once you’ve built a good relationship and they think you’re a lovely person, now you can go cold. Start talking and seeing them less and less – until you hardly see them at all. Research has found that people value and desire something when it’s not obtainable. So go quiet for a bit. Make them want to see you.

5. Mirror

When talking to someone you fancy make sure you copy their body language. When they move their hand to their face, after a few minutes, do the same. We are more likely to feel comfortable in someone’s company who mirror our body language. It’s a form of bonding and can make you seem attractive to the other person. As well as copying body language you can also match your facial expression to theirs as well as the tone of their voice. Just try not to make it too obvious.

6. Let them do nice things for you

When you do something for someone you feel good about yourself for helping. Let the person you fancy enjoy making you happy. Even if that’s just reaching for something you asked for. Of course, this is a two way thing, you need to also show enough kindness for them to think you’re a generous person.

7. Love yourself

You need to love yourself before anyone can fall in love with you. Think of yourself as the number one prize – because to the right person, you are exactly that.