The First Games

The first arcade game was not as most people think Pong, but was a game called Computer Space in 1971. The idea was to control a spaceship and protect it from asteroids. It was certainly a game of its time but no doubt the people who played it when it first came out in Japan thought it revolutionary.
When it came to online games it is surprising that these first appeared in 1974. The game Mazewar allowed players on different machines to roam a “maze in space” and shoot other players who were playing over a network. The first game playing console that we would recognize occurred in 1990 with the Sega Meganet. A similar system called the Satellaview was set up by Nintendo. It still seemed at this point that playing over the internet was a bit of a novelty.

The Advancement of Online Games

This has all changed in recent times and the games audience is expected to reach 2.2 billion people any day now. It is unsurprising that so many graduates go into computer game design with the business being worth the equivalent of $116 billion in 2017 in the UK alone.
Many of those popular games are in fact casino games. From roulette to keno, from stud poker to baccarat, the simulation of a casino entices players all around the globe. And why not join them? You can enjoy playing casino games using Genting Promo Code. Other popular games include Grand Theft Auto and Batman: Arkham Studio. There does seem to be a bit of differentiation here, some want gambling games, others preferring a game with more action. You can also play online with your friends using Facebook games if you so wish. There is a huge range of fun games to choose from. Many favorites include: Candy Crush, Texas HoldEm Poker, Clash of Clans, Farm Heroes and Angry Birds.

Online Game Conferences

There are huge number of gaming industry conventions (or cons) to choose from, whatever your taste in games. There are ones which are about indie games online, ones which are about anime and gaming and even miniature games and board games still have the odd convention.
The gaming industry must surely get larger as much of the world goes online and the technology increases. It seems it may even go into the virtual reality world. Nothing can stop it now.