ALXA a 20 years old singer/songwriter from Islington, London has a truly unique voice and has been recently compared to the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse. She just launched her debut EP on iTunes so we decided to catch up with her and find out more about her future plans..

Tell us about your debut EP? When is it coming out? How long have you been working on it?

My Debut EP is currently on iTunes, released on the 19th of October . This EP really was an experiment that got a bit out of hand. Started with one song then another and then Lost was created. Although this was a creative experiment I wanted this to be a bit more of a fun, light introduction, My music can be quite dark, so  I didn’t want to scare people away. The content of the E.P, and the kind of things I am talking about still is quite emotive and dark however the way it sounds is a bit more up tempo. The E.P is something that I am really really happy and proud of. Both my label and management have been extremely supportive and of me the e.p and my creativity.  I think the artwork cover is very reflective of the general tone and feeling of the E.P it has a heart in a cage with birds flying around it. But I will let you interpret it how you want too.

My debut single Let Go, which has been doing really well, is all about relationships, the highs and lows, the ups and downs. Its about an almost toxic relationship with both people holding on to each other not wanting to let go, because despite the lows ad bad stuff they’d rather put up with it and experience it rather than call it quits and loose each other. It’s a really emotive track if you listen to the words, and it’s the time of relationship that unfortunately is quite common. The Video which will be released in November on Vevo and iTunes really shows this to the full extent. More importantly the track has underlying issues of depression, anxiety, fear and almost low self esteem which the couple both display, but especially the guy.

I have been working on this e.p during the summer, I had an amazing summer, this year has been a really good year for me so I wanted my first e.p to represent that whilst staying true to my lyrical content and sound. Inside me, let go, stay and Aim fire are a lot more ballady which are a good introduction to my next e.p scheduled for February/March 2016.

Recently you have been compared to the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse? Does it add pressure and how do you find your own sound?

I wouldn’t call it pressure, if anything it was bloody overwhelming to be compared to two of the most recent iconic women voices of the 2000’s it’s a beautiful compliment for me. It gives me the confidence to get my voice heard like they had theirs. I am always creating in studio I think my music divides me from the sounds of both of these amazing artists as my approach is more dark, almost haunting and often minimalistic. I want my voice to be the main attraction, that’s why often a lot of the tracks especially my next e.p is a lot more sparse and minimalistic.

How would you describe your creative processes? 

I absolutely love Song writing just as much as singing,  for me is just as important it definitely is an art and it almost splits the difference from just being good to being amazing, And the latter is exactly what I want to be. So I write and perform all of my songs. I like talking about things that I have experienced, seen or felt. Or things that people around me have gone through. My music is all based on real life experiences that I feel the need to express. You can almost call it real life commentaries. The studio is like my home, it’s a place where I go to switch of and unwind, literally all the problems of the world, concerns, thoughts go away when im in there and all I can think about is my music. Its like my safe haven, There is a lot of emotion in my songs, it’s the only place I feel comfortable letting my guard down and just letting out all my thoughts and feelings.  I am a very deep person, a very deep thinker so for me the studio allows me to exercise my brain and then my voice. I am literally in a trance. Most of my songs I write whilst I am In the studio, A lot even have been written in a day or a very short space of time. My manager and executive producer Nhile Ribbons starts playing some keys on the piano, or a rift and I start from there really.  My music really encapsulates real life, real human experiences and emotions such as fear heartbreak, anxiety, depression, hurt, pain.  Many people go through dark times or are in a dark place and don’t have any one to talk to or a way to let it out, I make music that people can listen to, that they can relate to and understand. A voice for the voiceless and unheard.

The inspiration for my music, is situations, emotions, concerns or problems that I have been through, seen, heard, or been exposed too. Some of these are things that people have been through around me. They are all about issues that are some times to taboo to discuss or people don’t want to talk about. No one likes feeling fear, pain or having they’re heart broken. Its like people have too much pride to just speak about how they are feeling, but that’s fine. I am here to do it for them.

Another big inspiration is my family, my label, my management especially my producer Nhile Ribbons.

What do you like about the art scene in Shoreditch/East London?

I think the Art in Shoreditch is very alternative also some of the pieces are big statements. But defiantly beyond creative.

Who are your favorite Artists in the area?

It would have to be Banksy. Its just the suspiciousness of the man and the way his art is so unique.

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