Aesthetic pleasure of nature in Ellen Jewett’s sculptures


Canadian artist Ellen Jewett finds a deep aesthetic pleasure in the beautiful form of nature and animals. Her sculptural work balances the wildness that animals can possess in nature with the structural form that each work creates. She fuses the beauty and beast elements together with each bend and twist of her sculptures and the nature that is infused with them. As Ellen Jewett continues to make more sculptures, she creates more negative space instead of filling them with natural elements. This evolvement of her work bends to play with the laws of gravity. Some of her additions to her animals will rise above and go against gravitational expectations. By increasing the amount of negative space between elements, Jewett is able to emphasis the fragility that nature can possess when it is working against weight.

Each sculpture in Jewett’s collection is layered with a multitude of smaller components to create the larger structures. There is a balance of fantasy, beauty and darkness shown across the different sculptures depending on the type of animals that she uses as the center piece. Each sculpture, though, wouldn’t be complete without the amount of small elements as components of nature to make up each each larger piece.

Ellen Jewett invites viewers to have a close examination of her work to take in the full sculpture as well as the smaller elements. By taking a close examination of the works, the viewer is brought into the heart of the animal and the natural world that they represent. Each element helps make the animal what it is today, and each should be taken in closely to feel the full effect of the sculpture.

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