The Funniest Stories from Bonus Hunters in an Online Casino

Bonus hunting can be defined as the art of winning in an online casino by relying on the bonuses offered by the casino. The players make a deposit, and instead of using their money they use the bonuses they are offered to gamble until they hit a big one. If they lose it all, they move on to another casino offering bonuses, and that’s how they carry on until they hit a big win. It is a really risky strategy, but often it pays off well bonus codes as offered by casinos like Gala casino promo code.

Bonus hunting is not something every online gambler would opt for, but you would always find some people who owe their money to the risks taken in life especially in gambling. Instead of going for small but regular wins they want a huge win instantly. Such risks create really funny stories too sometimes, and today we will be sharing some of the funniest stories from bonus hunter in an online casino with you.

Happiness or Despair?

A woman in Nebraska, USA had to face a moment of instant despair after scoring one of the biggest gambling wins of her life. Naomi who was 30 years in 2016 was gambling online when she discovered an online gambling platform offering multiple bonuses on first deposit. She deposited a small amount and played on the bonuses received. After a while, she was able to hit a 12000 coin jackpot on one of the high variance slots. According to her she cried with joy and tried to pull out instantly, but she had to respin a particular number of times in order to withdraw her winnings. In the next few spins, she wasn’t lucky enough and lost everything she had won with the jackpot.

Luck Can Favor Anybody

Nick, an 18-year-old British lad, got his fortune working in 2017 when he won $7000 in a few hours with the help of bonus hunting. Initially, Nick was sitting with his friend Josh who is a regular Internet gambler, and he was telling Nick about bonus hunting. Nick not interested in the whole Internet gambling thing wasn’t interested in listening to him as he was more interested in land-based casinos. Josh encouraged him to try bonus hunting once as he had nothing to lose anyway. Nick went ahead, and luckily he was able to score $7000 within a few hours of creating his first online gambling account with all the symbols falling in right places multiple numbers of times. The funniest part is that he used Josh’s computer to gamble online who lost around 500 pounds just before he stopped playing and gave Nick a chance.

The Little Poker Wizard

It is a really well-known story in the gambling world that an 8-year-old boy from Chandigarh, India won a whopping $500,000 while playing online poker. The child was not just a normal 8 year old as he was known to be building web pages since he was 5 years old. While messing with his uncle’s online poker account, he created his own account and played with the bonuses available on the casino and was able to hit the jackpot. Although the casino refused to pay anything according to the parents the casino knew about the boy’s age. According to the boy’s parents, he also won multiple times and received small amounts from the casino through PayPal before hitting the jackpot. The parents took the Internet casino to court because they blocked the boy’s account and refused to pay anything. The “little poker wizard” schooled the online casino well.

Keep Your Phone Checked

Ashley Williams, a stockbroker from New York, USA was able to score a win he never imagined in his wildest dreams while he boarded a train from office to home. According to him, he was getting bored while he was on the train and was reading the news online when an ad popped up on the screen. He tried to remove the ad but it took it to an online casino site, and instead of closing the website he thought to give it a try. By depositing a small amount from his credit card, he started gambling online using the welcome bonus. He chose a roulette slot and started rolling the dice. Within a few minutes, he was able to win $10,000. He wanted to play more, and while he was getting off the train, a pickpocket got the phone from his pocket. When he reached home, he looked for his phone to gamble more but found nothing. He logged on to the Internet casino from his laptop just to find out that he had already lost $9,800 in the previous few games played apparently by the person who stole his phone. The good part is that he was able to lock his phone and withdraw his remaining $200 from the account.