Listen to the new EP from rockers Brixton Alley

Australian-based band Brixton Alley have shared their new EP, 303.

The band, originally from the UK, moved to Australia at the start of 2020 with ambitions of performing across the vast country and being part of such a well regarded music scene. This happened during their initial months, before COVID hit.
Like many creatives, they utilised the lockdown to make new art, and 303 is the result of this.
Named 303 after the number of the flat they lived in, the new EP has a more up beat and spirited feel to it than previous release Nevermore. They use their unique style of singing in a rap style to aid the delivery of their music and create an animated atmosphere in the EP that gives listeners the urge to jump up and dance to without hesitation.

Speaking to the creation of the EP and the inspiration behind the writing they said, “Given what a rubbish year 2020 has been for most people, we felt that writing something a bit more fun and uplifting would not only lighten our moods, but also give people something to smile about.”

You can listen below and follow Brixton Alley here.