Getting started with digital art using the right tools

Art has been evolving since the first humans engaged in creating cave paintings. Today, art can mean different things to different individuals, and it is not always easy to reach a consensus regarding what constitutes good art.

Being an artist can be extremely challenging at times, and many find it hard to establish a name for themselves in this fast-paced world. Traditionally, artists used an array of materials to create their masterpieces and often found it difficult to come by specific paints and canvases. But, with the advancement of technology, the process of creating artworks has become incredibly more uncomplicated, and artists no longer feel the need to go in search of obscure dyes from other countries.

Digital art has become pretty common in this day and age. Various social media platforms have provided a space for amateur artists to showcase their works and receive appreciation and feedback.

Advantages of painting digitally

There are numerous advantages when it comes to digital painting.

Canvases are pretty huge and require a lot of space and suitable surroundings to set up. You will also need the facilities required to keep your paints and brushes within easy reach. Since the canvas is pretty big, you would need enough space manoeuvring to all four corners. All you need is a small tablet when you want to paint digitally. It can be easily moved around, and you can paint from any of your favourite spots.

Since there is no actual paint involved, you no longer have to endure the long periods of waiting for your painting to dry or mess up your work by painting over it too quickly.

As mentioned earlier, you no longer have to make regular purchases to compensate for the paints you have used up or the brushes that have been damaged. Every time you finish an artwork, you do not have to set up a new canvas, to begin with the next painting.

Since things are done digitally, there are no more messes made from paints, and you don’t have to thoroughly clean the space and your equipment each day.

If you are making the shift from traditional to digital paintings here are some tips to help you.

Choose the right tablet.

There are hundreds of options in the market if you are on the lookout for a tablet to get started with digital illustrations. Choosing the right one can seem a bit challenging to many.

If it’s the initial period of your digital marketing voyage, pick a graphic tablet. These are ideal for beginners and run much cheaper than the others. They come with a stylus and a touchpad, which means that it must be hooked up to your computer so you can see what you are drawing. It might take you a bit of practice to get familiar with drawing without looking at your hand.

Display tablets are similar to the previous ones but come with a screen, so you no longer have to worry about looking at a different device as you paint. They cost a bit more, so purchase one once you are sure that this is the path you want to take.

Alternatively, you can choose a tablet that functions as a computer and a drawing pad. iPads can be great when used with a pressure-sensitive stylus. But, like typical computers these too can encounter issues due to the various applications that you run, so be prepared to recover files from sd card, if you use one to save your work.

Choose the right software.

Having an efficient digital painting software is also essential if you desire to become proficient in this area. The more prominent names in this field include Procreate and Adobe Photoshop. While Photoshop requires you to make monthly payments, you only have to pay a one-time fee for Procreate. Even though Photoshop is the preferred choice for professionals in the field of graphic design and digital painting, procreate has earned its name as a software that is extremely easy to use with a fair amount of features.

Summing up

Creating digital art can be a highly satisfactory and efficient process with the right set of tools. Though the initial investment can be a bit high, you will no longer have to regularly refurbish your painting materials. Digital painting is a skill that can be easily picked up by anyone interested in creating artworks, with just a bit of practice.