Ever felt your sunglasses being a little bit too heavy? Ever felt them pressing you a little too much at the sides of your head or got that hinge become a little bit too loose? Ever felt that your shades are just the same as everyone else’s out there? Our friends behind Fabrix Apparel, having an architectural background, just cannot help asking such questions. They are problem solvers, hence they hate problems and feel almost responsible to demolish them to keep the world in order!

They are also passionate designers who love fashion and crave impeccable unique style and value sustainable solutions. After all, sunglasses are a beloved accessory and they set themselves up for the challenge to make a product that will tick all the boxes. So, we got a look ourselves to see how that rolled out and the result is quite impressive!

Sustainable high-end wooden sunglasses for comfort and style

With a fierce stance for sustainable solutions and an inherent love for materiality and craftsmanship, the decision for wooden sunglasses came naturally. The very fact that not a single pair can be identical to another due to the nature of its material is definitely intriguing. The chunky designs, the cheap bamboo materials or the excessive prices that we encounter so often in the market, have left a gap that Fabrix Apparel seems to fill in the best way possible. They questioned everything and sought the best answers.

Designed to fit, endure and stand out

The delicate frames follow lines drawn with the intention to capture the idiosyncrasies of different head shapes and fit virtually everyone. Crafted in quality woods ethically sourced from all over the world – from Indonesia to Brazil and from Africa to the US, Fabrix Apparel has created a unique palette that covers the full range from classic to extravagant.

With emphasis in every detail, the spring hinges provide extra durability as well as optimum comfort since they allow the temples to open beyond 90 degrees adjusting themselves to the individual head size. Naturally lightweight and with polarised lenses by default we couldn’t have asked anything more.

Delivered in a wooden case and accompanied with a complimentary folded one as well, those glasses will leave you impressed by all respects. Their SS17 wooden sunglasses collection has limited stock left, so you better hurry if you don’t want to miss out!