The most expensive piece of jewellery known to us is The Pink Star ring. Although there are some close competitors, The Pink Star is no doubt the most expensive. Unfortunately, most high-quality jewellery is going to be above many of our pay-grades.

With this said, there are some stunning pieces of jewellery at a more affordable price than millions of pounds at jewellers like Berganza. Now, let’s take a look at why The Pink Star wins the most expensive piece of jewellery.

The Pink Star

The Pink Star is said to be the most expensive piece of jewellery in the world. As you can tell by the name, The Pink Star is a deep pink diamond that’s encased on an enchanting silver ring.

How much did it sell for?

It was sold at auction for $71.2 million (£57.3 million) which made it the most expensive gemstone in the world. And it is massive.

What makes it so expensive?

Weighing in at 56.60 carats it’s the largest Fancy Vivid* Pink Diamond ever graded by the GIA. It’s safe to say that this flashy ring is rather heavy – can you imagine carrying a chunk of 56.50-carat diamond on your wedding finger, every day?

*Fancy Vivid is the highest possible grade representing the assessment of the colour of diamonds. It is known as the most valuable.

Who bought it?

Three clients bided on The Pink Star but the highest bidder was a jewellery retailer called Chow Tai Fook. Chow renamed The Pink Star the CFT Pink.

Internally Flawless

Another reason The Pink Star is so expensive is that it has been rated as Internally Flawless. This means it has no internal inclusions and is a Type IIa stone. These ratings represent the chemical purity of a gem and are only under 2% of all gem-quality diamonds have been named this classification.

Bet you wish you had the money to splash on a piece of jewellery worth millions! We certainly do. What do you think; is it worth $71.2 million?