We all know how great it is to party in Ibiza, but when the beats have stopped, the alcohol is finished, and the sand has settled, what then is Ibiza all about? Turns out, quite a lot. When you travel outside of the club zone, there’s more to Ibiza than simply beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches (which does sound pretty awesome anyway). Sure, the island is famous for its jet-setting lifestyle and celebrity visitors, but that doesn’t mean you should feel out of place if you just want a peaceful and fairly inexpensive trip.

Hippy Market

To begin with, the Hippy Market is a must-see if you want to get back to the Ibiza of the 70s. This occurs every Wednesday from 10:00 to 19:00, April to October, and is without a doubt the biggest and best market in town. It’s easy to get lost among all the stalls, but you’ll certainly want to take your time for the delightful creations, tasty food, and fresh drinks. There’s also the opportunity to listen to amazing live music often scattered about the market.

Dalt Vila

To prove that Ibiza has a rich history and culture, be sure to take a visit to Dalt Vila (the old town). Ancient buildings, castles, and cobbled streets all make up the wondrous Dalt Vila. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, this is a part of Ibiza where you can really go back in time and what most residents would call ‘the real Ibiza’. It’s also a great spot to try authentic Spanish paella made with the freshest seafood known to man.

Cala d’Hort

Next up, no trip to Ibiza should be without Cala d’Hort – one of the best and most popular beaches on the island. The beach also offers a great view of the uninhabited island of Es Vedra, which has mystified and intrigued visitors for centuries. Numerous mysterious and unexplained events are said to have occurred at Es Vedra, including UFOs, ghostly visions, and even a few monsters.

Get Wet!

Of course, it is possible to get a little more extreme in Ibiza. We’re talking the likes of speedboat tours, scuba diving, parasailing, jet ski rentals, and even cave tours. If you’re going as a couple or even if you have kids to entertain, some of these water activities are most certainly suitable and will be remembered for years to come. See if any of them pique your interest. People are usually happy simply to enjoy the sun and sand, but it’s still great to have some more exciting things planned for your holiday.

Ride the Waves

None of us can really surf like Lisa Anderson or Kelly Slater, but we can get almost close enough. As real waves can often be treacherous and a little frightening, newbies can get a taste of the surfer life by checking out the Surf Lounge and its wave machine (called the Flowrider). Definitely a great spot to watch your partner make a fool of themselves, or perhaps you’ll be surprisingly impressed, but either way a good chance to drink some beer and have a good meal in the sun if you’re not getting onto a board.

Perfect Sunset

Finally, if you’ve ever searched on YouTube for ‘chillout music’, it’s highly likely you’ve come across a soundtrack from Café Del Mar. Since 1980, the café has been playing soothing music and serving delicious cold drinks, whilst becoming the perfect spot to watch a sunset in Ibiza. Sure, you might annoy everyone by posting so many amazing sunset pictures on your Instagram account, but that’s their problem! You’ll witness a truly perfect moment to wind down the day and your vacation.