On Sunday 14th April, Opera Gallery will be hosting an art brunch event, where you can go and have your selfie painted onto a vinyl sleeve by London artist Nick Gentry.

In our selfie-obsessed and digitalised world, we all live in the present moment, forgetting the value of physical objects that once were integral part of our lives. Old technologies like floppy disks, film negatives, CDs and VHS have become obsolete, even though they have been for a long time the repository of our most precious memories.

London artist Nick Gentry takes these used objects which contain a whole myriad of people’s hopes, dreams, and former lives, and he turns them into something beautiful, and in the process his art preserves an important historical moment – as a form of social archaeology.

Mayfair’s Opera Gallery will be hosting a free brunch and exclusive pop-up exhibition of Nick’s stunning art onSunday 14th April. Using old vinyl sleeves and selfies of the attendees, Nick will be making a series of portraits to create a multifaceted “Face of London”. The final artworks will be donated to a charity of Nick’s choice.