David Guerra – Why I love Shoreditch


I traveled more than 2.000 miles in order to live in Shoreditch and do my next career move. I was preparing my agenda and making contacts during a month, due to I wanted to take advantage of the time -that literally flies in this place . The experience definitely worths the effort because, since the first day I can feel the astonishing collaborative environment in every Meetup throughout all the Tech City UK. In addition, if that collaboration is between pints, far better:

Beerworking at Google Campus London

You have dozens of events to attend to in Shoreditch every day. Doesn’t matter if you are interested in coding, design, or just entrepreneurship in general. London has events for all sort of people. Networking is the best issue of Shoreditch, indeed. There is a mix of business and just socialising mindset that makes them awesome. People who attend for first time to an event by their own usually are nervous and shy at the begining. Then they see how willing is people to meet new faces and grab a pint instead of just exchange business cards. You definitely must attend to events and know who is who in Shoreditch. You can’t be all day in front of your laptop at Starbucks. Plus, creativity is everywhere in Shoreditch. You can be inspired in every corner, or even laugh:

Poster for nerds 2

So you never know when inspiration can comes. Make sure your smartphone has enough battery when you hang out in order to can take notes or better if it’s a picture. London is definitely the place-to-go if you want to run a startup and feel the atmosphere of entrepreneurship during the 24h. You have dozens of events every day, interesting places to visit, you can see all kind of people walking through the street or even wagons working as offices on the roof of a building!