Interview with Beatbox Blues Duo – Heymoonshaker

Heymoonshaker 1

Rolling Stone calls them ‘Dazzling!’, 13 million+ YouTube views – beatbox blues duo Heymoonshaker release new EP and head to Shoreditch.

 Tell us about your new album?
Andy: Last year was a real eye opener for us, and we were fortunate enough to play for a real eclectic plethora of audiences, in that process we felt the music move in it’s own direction and we were simply the vessel for the sound developed around our choice in lifestyle. The recording process was basically trying to capture the essence of our live performance and wrap it in a palatable parcel. Our live shows weaves in and out of the ideas involved in the EP, and bears the fusion between Beatbox and Blues which we carried through the Chai Wallahs Festival circuit last year. We’ve been working closely with Diplomats of sound for the upcoming tour and the result is a calendar with some of our personal favourite venues.

IMG_5604What is the inspiration behind your music?
Crowe: The life, The freedom. We believe that one can do whatever they desire, its only the societal life that makes that seem less possible. For us, we had no choice but to leave where we grew up to find the thing to fill the void, upon this journey we found music, we found it was our key, and also the easiest way to tell people about the way in which we live. To advertise the idea of freedom, true freedom of choice. A life you decide.

What is innovative about what you do compared to other Beatboxers?
Crowe: It’s important to state, that when I agree I’m different I do not mean better. I think the difference comes from what I want from it, I want beatbox to now be looked at as an instrument, a tool to create lasting music, not a trick or yo yo fad. Performance wise, I want to push the body to the limit to explore the body through noises and rhythms . No more 10 or 15 minute shows. A real musical performance, I believe this way we can break the stereotypes that may surround beatboxing. But of course there may be others doing what I’m doing, I just don’t know of them. And I don’t wear a new era flatcap.

IMG_5687How would you describe the art scene in Shoreditch?
Crowe: The art scene for us coincides with the fashion and way of life that shoreditch represents. We love the outgoing styles and street art, but sometimes East London comes across as a little pretentious. Or maybe were just not cool enough.

Who/what are your favorite Artists/Businesses in the area?
Andy: Buisness wise, Heymoonshaker wouldn’t have got off the ground if it wasn’t for the help of Paul Jellis who works with Nabokov and runs Bad Physics. They run interactive Arts events that involve Music, theatre and dance to a themed event. That’s how we were introduced to Diplomats Of Sound. It was a Halloween event in 2011 that united us.
It was around that time we worked with Director Ozzie Pullin to record ‘London Brick lane, Part 1-4`, Ozzie works for Partizan, and has just recently been working with a project involving ‘Tame Impala` and ‘Rufus Wainwright`.

What are your favorite places in Shoreditch?
Andy: We love bricklane, for busking and partying, hackney is a place to be chilled with but mainly the vibe of shoreditch just makes the place welcoming.  Many a party has been spent there, and the morning is always seen without sleep. That’s nice.

Twitter:  @heymoonshaker
Instagram: @crowebalcon, @andybalcon