Shoreditch is home to the most creative café concepts in London but the boat is about to be rocked by a new plan to open up a cereal café. Yeah, you heard us, an entire café dedicated to the long forgotten breakfast food.

Alan and Gary Kerry, twin brothers originally from Belfast and avid cereal lovers, have set up a Indiegogo campaign to raise the money needed in order to open their café, the Cereal Killer Café.

Cereal can be boring but the brothers will kick it up a notch by serving up over 100 different cereals from all around the world, dozens of delicious toppings, different varieties of  milk, along with Pop Tarts, toast, coffee and tea. They will also cater for vegetarians/vegans.

The café will be decked out in cereal memorabilia and have TV’s playing old cartoons so we can all reminisce about our much-missed childhoods.

They hope to open later this year so check out their crowd-funding page for more information and/or to support. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cereal-killer-cafe