Interview With The Founders Of New Fashion Label Klushka


Tell us about your brand, what did inspire you to start the company?

Chloe + Billy: A mutual love of creating things, coupled with a desire to create something practical. We met in a printing studio post-art school graduation. We were both making screen prints and we liked each other’s work so it went from there.

What is unique about your brand?

We have a combination of a sci-fi, utopian design approach coupled with natural mark making and hand made aesthetic, which is different to all the other futuristic brands who are using computers to do everything – we are space aged but analog rather than digital. . We design, print and make everything by hand. Also, we don’t use sweatshops and we use fabric which is produced in this country, which is not unique but it is rare.

Where do you get inspiration for the new collections? What are the important aspects of the design & manufacturing to you?

Experimentation is a big part of our design approach, because we are process driven. We look at what processes we have at our disposal and work out how to maximise them. We start with the materials and ask “what is that fabric doing? What is that printing technique doing? How can we put this together to maximise these effects?” We don’t sit down and draw out designs, it’s a discovery.

Why did you decide to sell on Made in Shoreditch Boutique?

Online is the future. You can find us on MIS Boutique here:



What does the future has in store for your business?

Worldwide domination.

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