What did inspire you to be a chef?

My father was a very keen cook at home, always making sure the family ate very well. He used to love to experiment. Sometimes with more luck than others. Growing up in the north of Sweden, the family used to go on snow mobile trips and sit around a fire and make lunch. I used to love what flavours that live fire brought to the food.

What was your first job as chef? What skills do you need to succeed in the industry?

First job was in one of oldest and iconic restaurants in Stockholm called Den Gylldene Freden. It is a very classic restaurant so I learnt all the basics of Swedish cooking there. You need to be determined, thick skinned, have a good pallet. The hours are normally quite long so you need to be prepared to be away from your loved ones more than in a normal 9-5 job. It’s so much fun though the hours fly by!

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What is unique about your cooking style?

Because of my Swedish roots I really like cooking using live fuel. In the restaurant we have a Josper grill that we use both for service and for prep. I like to fill it up with great tasting wood (like Apple or birch). It really makes a difference to the final product.

20990_10152837957352775_7541964943495265944_nHow do you select the menu for the restaurant? Do you have discussions with Jamie Oliver what should be on the menu?

Jamie has a lovely small farm and this year we have worked close together in what they are putting in the ground for us. This year they are providing us with a great selection of vegetables. Production is not enough for a busy restaurant like us but it really keeps you connected with what is growing at the moment and what is coming up in the near future. The produce is absolutely amazing. I remember from last year we had the best tomatoes I have ever tasted coming from Jamie. Beating the Italian ones easily. Also a lot of great unusual herbs that you couldn’t find anywhere else. I am a firm believer in using produce when they are in their prime. It’s also very good to speak to your suppliers, chefs and make sure to read a lot of cook books. Jamie lets me wright my own menus but it is always great when he is in tasting them, leaving great feedback.

What would you say has been your most memorable experience while working at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen?

It is always very emotional when the Apprentices graduate. We spend a lot of time together in the kitchen and it’s great to see them make their own future. I love it when they come back after a few months with their stories about where they are and how Fifteen has helped them get there.

Tell us a bit more about the new Sunday roast menu at Fifteen which is starting on 15th of March.

Sundays for me has always been spending time with the people I love the most, whether it being family or friends. I couldn’t think of many things better than having a long, lazy lunch with honest food and classic flavours. That is what we had in mind when decided to offer a special menu for Sundays. It is a more relaxed vibe throughout the whole restaurant. You can expect classics like roast beef and roast pork. But my personal favourite is the rotisserie Chicken. We work a lot with brining our meats which really helps the flavour and makes it retain more moisture. I promise you have never had chicken quite like it!

Website: http://www.fifteen.net/