Interview with Graphic Design Studio, Lucky Escape


G: Tell us about your business: What do you do? What inspired you to start?

We are a graphic design studio, in the sense that we love coming up with fresh ideas and approaches, as well as producing creative work. We came about last year after a shared realisation that things can be done a bit differently.

We can be quite illustrative, and we love creating projects that are hands on as well as digital. This means that when we have worked on projects such as identities, we have ended up painting wall murals and creating window displays alongside graphics for business cards and paper bags.

G: What is innovative or unique about what you do?

We love working with more tactile techniques when relevant to the project at hand. It happens surprisingly more often than you’d think with the ‘digital age’. If anything, with so many things in daily life being ‘digitally-focused,’ and the distance that creates, we’ve found there is a gathering desire to have outcomes that either have a tangible aesthetic, or a physical outcome.

Digital-based work is still exciting, but we’ve had some fantastic feedback from our illustrations, papercraft, murals and window graphics that have driven much of the work we do.

We also realise the importance of sustainability, not only in outcomes such as print, but to the overall perception to a company or brand. We actively include options to further this through the work we do, so that our design work not only falls inline with company morals, but in some instances is driven by them.

G: What were the biggest obstacles launching the start-up and how did you overcome them?

Putting our name out there was probably the biggest obstacle we’ve come up against. We love working with a multitude of businesses and individuals, so you can never seem to get out there enough! There are so many fantastic creatives out there, but we knew we had something special after being approached so early not only for work, but for other opportunities like working in a collaboration on the Shoreditch Art Wall and exhibiting as part of the London Design Festival. We actually found doing projects like this and exhibiting have really helped, and we got to meet some amazing people along the way.

G: Why did you choose Shoreditch to launch your start-up?

With some of us having worked in Shoreditch before, we realised the ‘aura’ that Shoreditch conjures up really speaks for the kind of work we produce. It was certainly an aim to be in Shoreditch because of this and we were really fortunate to have opportunities arise that made this happen. When we first started, everything seemed to feedback to Shoreditch. Shortly after we settled, we ended up doing work on the Shoreditch Art Wall which led to a number of local clients.

G: What or who should help the development of the Shoreditch entrepreneurial community? What is this community still missing?

For us, we have been really fortunate to have some amazing mentors. Although for such a creative community, we are surprised there aren’t so many creatives putting themselves out there to share their knowledge as a mentor. However, that being said, there are so many talks and events that give a good insight and have been really helpful to us. They just lack that one to one that can really help when you first start out.

G: Who or what are your favorite CEOs or businesses in Shoreditch?

That’s the great thing about Shoreditch. There are so many and so diverse! We love YCN, Human After All, Moo, Ethical Box, Firebox, Digital Donut, the list goes on! All with such fantastic forward thinking industry leading mentalities.

G: What does the future have in store for your company?

Right now we’re spreading to a few more different kinds of projects, but love showing the diversity that our work can be applied to. We feel we are just starting to really gain our pace and there are bigger and better things to come. We’re also really happy to have opportunities to share our experiences so far with those just getting into the industry, and hope we can offer more of this in the future.

To find out more about Lucky Escape, connect with them on social media!

Twitter: @LuckyEscapes

Facebook: Lucky Escape Studios

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