Life is as Fragile as a Bubble, but also as Beautiful

Bubbles are fragile and so it is not easy to look at the world through them. They pop very easily before we can truly appreciate their beauty. Artist and photographer Khaled Youssef set out to change this. He calls his new project #bubblesnotwar, giving viewers a look into the lens of a bubble. Each picture looks sublimely unreal as the bubbles reflect known monuments or cities. Other photographs show the beauty of the world behind a shiny bubble.

Youssef wants people to realize how bubbles and life itself are not different. Wars and conflict plague our current world. This sadness and violence makes our life as fragile as any of these bubbles. We must take advice from this project and stop, think and appreciate the beauty around us. Just as a bubble enchants us as it flies on, reflecting light and colours, so we must let ourselves be enchanted by the world itself. Bubbles can also make us feel like a kid again, something Youssef says is key to a happy world. This specific project, for example, came to Youssef from looking at life as if he was a kid. Speaking about the bubbles, he says, “capturing special moments is like creating wishes to see the world differently, with children’s eye.”
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