The tilt-shift photography allows a photographer to modify a picture (with after-editing or on the spot by using special lenses) and “distort” the perspective, so that the final result resembles a 3D miniature of the subject – often landscapes or birds-eye views of cities.

Serena Malyon, an art student, decided to use the technique to modify Van Gogh paintings, to make them look like 3D miniatures. She re-created the effects on reproductions of the original paintings with Photoshop, without modifying them in any way other than “distorting” the perspective. The final result is surreal and really interesting.

tilt-shift-van-gogh-field-with-poppies-detail tilt-shift-van-gogh-landscape-at-auvers-after-the-rain-detail tilt-shift-van-gogh-pont-de-langlois-detail tilt-shift-van-gogh-red-chestnuts-in-the-public-park-at-arles-detail tilt-shift-van-gogh-starry-night-detail tilt-shift-van-gogh-starry-night-over-the-rhone-detail tilt-shift-van-gogh-sunset-wheat-fields-near-arles-detail tilt-shift-van-gogh-the-harvest-detail  tilt-shift-van-gogh-wheat-field-with-rising-sun-detail

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