Creative Double Exposure Video by Thomas Blanchard


The music video from Thomas Blanchard, FAIK – ‘Saying Bye Was a Mistake,’ has creative black and white visuals. The video was filmed in Istanbul and Cappadokia.It’s double exposed on backgrounds that were created by mixing paint, milk and dish washing liquid.

The video tells a story of a man regretting his choices.

“He keeps looking back on an unfilled relationship he had with a woman. Waves symbolize the tempestuous emotions, whereas the hot air balloon represents the memories. Finally, the paint reflects time which passes and separates them from each other,” said Blanchard.

The images are eye-catching. The double exposed video with other images really make the viewer think. The couple is represented, though their features are mostly hidden by video, leaving only an outline. Crashing waves in the images show the inner tumult of the man. The sad and slow song that goes along with the video is beautifully represented by the intense images.

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