London’s first Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade Is Launching in June

This summer  ever VR Arcade is launching! ‘Other Worlds’ is brought to you by the most exciting names in technology, music and gamers this June, in a secret location in East London.

You can now experience the immersive world of gaming with all your friends in one place. Currently a secret location ‘Other Worlds’ promises to bring the very latest in VR gaming and experiences to the city for the first time by reviving the arcade concept and giving it a seriously futuristic twist.

Virtual thrill seekers will gain access to the high-end technology, with a wide choice of games across multiple brand new platforms, offering a totally unique social gaming experience for 48hours, a straight stint of gaming and . This is set to be the pop-up sensation of Summer 2017!

The arcade will get pretty edgy with cocktails, the incredible street food and some very special guest DJ’s. All set against a blaze of neon to create the ultimate futuristic hang out.

Already creating a stir on the gamer circuit with over 3,000 people signed up for advance tickets, over 2,000 have clicked attending on Facebook and almost 3,000 likes on the fan page in just five days!

The launch event will be a 2 day all day/night pop up in a secret location and the arcade will hop from place to place with a different iconic gaming themes each time.

Those looking to visit other worlds this summer can sign up for early access to tickets at: and find out more about this project by following them on Facebook.