Sitting alone, bored in your room and have no friends in town to hangout with? Well, we’ve got you covered. The Play Store on our Android phones, or the App Store on apple phones has a number of applications which are designed to entertain you. These applications are specially designed to offer users a great experience, and non-stop entertainment. All these apps are available free on the respective online stores. All you have to do is to download these apps, and start enjoying what they have to offer. There are hundreds of applications available, and out of those we have handpicked the top 5 best applications for fun.

  • 9GAG

9GAG is widely known as the funniest application available online. This app offers a collection of funny memes, pictures, videos and GIFs to keep you well entertained at any time of the day. This app lets you save, and share pictures, or memes with your friends and family to make their day awesome as well.

  • Musically

Musically is the world’s most famous app these days. This app has a number of different songs and different dialogues from movies, and you can use them to make videos. The videos are mainly fifteen seconds long, but are a great way to keep you amused. Moreover, you can also try different effects in the videos before posting them to musically or even before sharing them with your family and friends.

  • Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is another awesome app just like 9GAG. It not only keeps you entertained throughout the day with pictures, memes and videos, it also keeps you updated about different aspects of the world such as politics, trending fashion and stories about your favourite stars and singers. It is a simple yet effective platform that keeps you busy, and well connected with the Buzzfeed crew.

  • 8 ball pool

8 ball pool is a pool game which is insanely famous these days. Everybody is going crazy playing this game. This game not only allows you to play with people on your friends list, but it also allows you to challenge people from all around the world to play this game with you. All you have to do is open the slots games apps and download it from the play store and start playing.

  • Quizup

Quizup is another fun app that lets you test your knowledge. This app is mainly for those people who love trivia. This app provides a number of different topics and subjects to choose from in order to start the quiz. A number of people have given reviews of these games and according to them this app is the best quiz app they’ve ever come across.

All the above mentioned game apps, and fun apps are considered to be the best and most famous apps around the world these days. People are downloading these apps like crazy. All you have to do now is to go to your respective play stores and download these apps to kick-start all the entertainment and fun with one click.