Amazing wood carvings by Maskull Lasserre

Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre is well known for creating amazing pieces of art by carving down different wooden objects. Whether it is a giant tree trunk, a hammer or a piece of furniture, Lasserre doesn’t seem to have a problem to carve in anything.

His newest piece titled Schrodinger’s Wood features the trunk of an Ash tree with a frayed rope carved in the middle. Amazing details make the piece so magnificent. You can see that the rope is barely holding together the trunk while fraying from the weight of itself, which makes the whole piece look extremely intense and unbelievable. The artist created it by hanging the tree trunk on a ceiling and spent hours carving it down and perfecting it to reach its final form.

All of his pieces are unique and created with a great attention to detail, making them stand out from other, similar wood cravings.


You can see more pictures of his amazing art on his website