Portraits Paintings Pastels: Hector Trunnec

Artist Hector Trunnec of Spain captures watercolour and pastel portraits of people: famous celebrities, characters from films and comics, couples and friends line his gallery of work. Soft pastels and airy palettes dominate his paintings, frequently accompanied by a single pop of colour. Trunnec captures his subjects through their most iconic and defining characteristics: Cara Delevingne wears a strong and stern expression and Scarlett Johansson appears flirtatious and confident.



While portraits take over his timeline, Trunnec has emerged with a new project as the illustrator for an upcoming Japanese-inspired comic series, ‘Flowing Blade Bushido.’ The story integrates elements of science fiction, fantasy and Japanese culture with Trunnec’s drawings. Using harsher drawing styles than his portraits, illustrations for ‘Flowing Blade Bushido’ model Trunnec’s diverse talents as a fine artist.

Source: Hector Trunnec