It has always been called a “student disease,” but now we call it procrastination. And though often you promise yourself that you will do everything on time, you still once in a while stumble upon the necessity to write an essay overnight and do it well. For those who wonders why does it keep happening, here is a brief explanation of how our brain works:

  • You tend to think about yourself “tomorrow” as a better person than you are “today.” Tomorrow-you is great in term os will power, not very interested in Netflix or HBO series, is not an outgoing person, he or she is a person of discipline, and he or she can deal with that essay assignment no problem. But today you want to relax. Tomorrow comes and you are still the same person, just with the closer deadline.
  • Your life is full of things you don’t control and you keep ignoring it. For example, you write a plan for writing your essay. It is a great plan, and it is not too hard too, but you keep forgetting that your friends will call, and later you will have another essay to edit, and later you have a headache, or something bad happens to your computer, of the Internet connection gets cut all the time.
  • You don’t see a point in writing some of the assignments (or all of them), you have chosen a wrong class, or it turned out to be a nightmare later. In this case, you try to ignore anything related to a class, or a professor, or a topic that scares or bores you.

If you want to know how to beat student’s procrastination, you should search online more about focus, will power and the strength of the habit. Here, however, we will only teach you how to face the consequences and write a quality paper overnight as professional essay writers at WriteMyPaperHub do it all the time.

How to Write a Stellar Essay Overnight

  • Don’t count on the whole night. You are human, you may fall asleep or get too exhausted, so if you think you have ten hours, remember that you have only seven or eight at most, better six.
  • While you are still at least a little energetic and motivated write a brief plan of your essay. It is not an outline for your professor, so you can use slang, and rude words in that plan. Sounds funny, but it gives energy. Later, when after 5 hours of writing you feel half-dead, this list will help you survive.
  • Give yourself an hour sharp to do research and note everything you find according to the points of your plan. This way you will have a reference for each part of your paper, which is really important.
  • If you decide that you will definitely use this or that reference, use a citation generator immediately and create both in-text citation and bibliography entry as well. You may think now that you will have time later, but it doesn’t work this way.
  • Briefly proofread each part abstract after finishing it. Choose a simple grammar and style checker and use it once you are done with an abstract or two. This is a distraction, but this way at least the bigger part of your paper will be polished till the end of the night.
  • Don’t try to be over creative, your goal is to finish your writing and follow all the instructions. You will have an opportunity to impress your professor later when you have more time. Remember about your ultimate goal — to write an essay overnight and submit it on time.
  • Spend time but formulate an effective and not boring thesis statement. Professors adore thesis statements, so make it shine. Add some limitations to it, to show that you have researched a topic enough.
  • If you feel like you are falling asleep and can’t concentrate on what you are writing start saying aloud everything that you type. It will slow you down just a little, but you will be able to proceed rather efficiently.
  • Don’t get into more reading looking for references, it will eat your time completely and being sleepy you can let some technical plagiarism into your paper. To avoid awful consequences, use plagiarism checkers after you are done with your essay, to make sure that the text is 100% original.
  • Turn off all the notifications at your phone and go wash your face with cold water every half an hour.

If you are not sure you can really pull the all-nighter this time, it is better to address a professional service to help you out. Sometimes good night sleep is what you really need to fight procrastination.