End of tenancy cleaning refers to the overall or general cleaning conducted on a rented flat or house before the tenants move out and also before new tenants move in. This is a very common provision when you are renting a house or flat. Tenancy agreements include this stipulation on how the house needs to be left when you move out. If during your tenancy, the house has incurred damages, you need to fix or replace the damaged parts of the house. Also, you need to clean every part of the house as indicated in the stipulation of the tenancy agreement. If you fail to make the necessary repairs and cleaning, the landlord may have the work done instead and send you the bill. In most cases, the landlord will recommend to have this amount deducted from your deposit.

We may commonly think that this provision only applies to regular tenants and celebrities are immune to the stressful and bothersome. In reality, there are also well-known individuals that rent flats or houses. Some celebrities also start out renting houses and flats at the beginning of their careers, so they are no strangers to end of tenancy cleaning.

Celebrities Can Be Tenants

As mentioned before, the trip to stardom is a long and painful process. We only see a handful of stars who rose to instant stardom, but even some of them may have rented flats or houses before they left that life behind. For those who follow the long, arduous path to stardom, struggling with the finances and shelter are among the things celebrities also face. Before their first big breaks, celebrities had to also get by with living on their available resources. Their first paychecks may not be that significant to get them out of renting real quick. Even if celebrities did get their first grand paycheck, finding a new house or building a new one can take quite a long time and so they stay for quite a while as tenants in their rented flats or houses. Because they are tenants, they have to follow the tenancy agreements that their landlords have set for them.

Celebrities Can Be Landlords

Fast forward to the height of their career, celebrities has already earned more than enough and have already moved out of their rented houses and flats. Successful celebrities now have their own grand houses and mansions and live the luxurious lifestyle, far from the difficult lives they once knew. Celebrities who move out a lot, have frequent international travels or projects and even those who have chosen to live in another country have also benefited from having their houses rented out. Those who experience this turnaround in their fortune also know the importance of having a clear set of rules and agreements with their tenants. They are now the ones who hand out and provide the rules to their tenants and require the end of tenancy cleaning agreement. Whatever managing styles celebrities follow, the stipulation of end of tenancy cleaning stays mostly the same.

Celebrities Employ End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Whether celebrities are tenants or are now landlords themselves, in both these stages the importance of availing the service of professional house cleaners for end of tenancy services remained of utmost importance. Not only is end of tenancy cleaning service needed for a smooth tenancy deposit claim, it also gives a lot of benefits to the people who avail of it, celebrity or non-celebrity. First of all, convenience is the most common benefit. You don’t need to sweat it out by cleaning or making small fixes to the entire house yourself. If you do decide to the cleaning yourself, you’ll be surprised at how enormous the task is and tedious it is to do deep cleaning. Just leave the cleaning and repair to the professionals while you pack up and prepare your things to be moved out. There may be certain sanitary and hygienic requirements in other cities or areas for the end of tenancy, which only professional cleaners can provide. Another good reason for hiring professional end of tenancy cleaners, especially for celebrities is it can be good for their reputation and publicity.

Celebrities who establish good relationships with their neighbors and landlords can be good for their popularity and celebrity status. Not only that, the celebrities also leave a good impression of their house cleaning and hygiene if they hire end of tenancy cleaning services before they move out of their rented houses. Take for example Oliver Proudlock’s recent move. The popular fashion designer and Made in Chelsea star employed the services of  end of tenancy cleaning London professionals for his move from his rented flat to his new house. The move can boost Proudlock’s popularity and following even more, and could also boost the promotion of his end of tenancy service provider. He was gracious enough to take a selfie with one of the cleaners and posted the photo on his instagram, which is a great documentation and an image booster for the cleaning service providers.

Being a landlord, celebrities can also avail of end of tenancy cleaning services. Not all tenants may follow the end of tenancy cleaning agreement, and the work may be left to the landlords. Celebrity landlords are no strangers to this situation, that is why they have a backup plan ready for situations where tenants cannot do end of tenancy cleaning or refuse to do so. With so many end of tenancy cleaning professionals available, the service can be easily availed by celebrity landlords. Regular landlords on the other hand, need to weigh their budgets and the quality of the work the professional cleaners do. The quality of the end of tenancy cleaning can make the difference for the landlord’s next tenants. If the professional cleaners do not live up to the standards of end of tenancy cleaning, the prospect of attracting new tenants will be low. However, if the professional cleaners do high quality cleaning, it will create a good impression for prospective tenants and will entice new tenants.

Whatever your status in society, you will not be exempt from certain agreements and rules. Celebrity or not, once you agree to the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement, there is the requirement of end of tenancy cleaning once you wish to end your stay in your rented house. Celebrity and regular tenants can all agree that it is important to avail of professional end of tenancy cleaning services for this requirement. There can be many benefits of professional services, but for those who to get a good end of tenancy cleaning service, you need to research and know the important details of the professionals you are going to be hiring for a quality cleaning job before you move to a new house.