The Darkness of Your Figure

Dark and light, shadows and the human skin, come together in the portraits by Thibault Delhom. The artist explores the beautiful human form by playing with darkness and light or with certain symbols. Each has a witty or strange quality because of the props or the movement of the subjects. The photographs easily surprise our eyes because of the manipulation that Delhom is capable of. He hides part of the model’s body, adds wires and lines or even covers her mouth with an anatomically correct hand. Geometry is also a big element in Delhom’s portraits. The sharpness and exact lines of the triangles contrast with the smoothness and imperfections of the human body.

There really is no clear explanation to his portraits. And that is not really the point. The movement and sensuality of each only asks the viewer to accept it as it is. Bodies move in and out in real life as well as in these photographs. One thing is for sure: these portraits prove how beautiful the human figure is. A simple contrast of dark and light allows the eye to appreciate the form of the models as lines that do not have to be perfect, because in their imperfection they are absolutely beautiful.