Hoxton Hall to create live episode of soap opera inspired by the people and stories of Hoxton Street

Even if you don’t watch them, we’ve all heard of EastEnders, The Archers, Holly Oaks and Coronation Street. These much-loved soap operas are firm favourites with audiences around the world.

Hoxton Hall is using the basis of this popular format to create its very own pilot of a soap called Hoxton Street. Using interactive theatre performances, and podcasts, this original and compelling series is being created with local people, for local people and you can help make it happen!

Hoxton Hall is looking for people who live, work or study in the Hoxton area to help create and develop characters, storylines and plots to be incorporated into their ambitious artistic project, Hoxton Street. This project is supported by Hackney Council’s Shoreditch and Hoxton Art Fund, created from a levy on developers to support arts and culture programmes that bring different communities together.

Hoxton Hall will lead community participants, artists and audiences to create Hoxton Street. “By using this familiar and popular format, we’re empowering local people from all types of backgrounds to co-create characters and storylines for Hoxton Street. The aim of this project is to give local people a voice and the ability to explore issues relevant to them, opening a space for meaningful conversations”, says Hoxton Hall’s Artistic Director & CEO, Karena Johnson.

Professional playwrights Lil Warren and Oladipo Agboluaje have been commissioned to write the script for the pilot, which will be developed through a collaborative process with community members. “I am so glad to be back at Hoxton Hall as part of this project that puts authentic stories from Hoxton folk at its heart. It’s an exciting opportunity too for people to contribute ideas and vote on the direction of the storyline and characters”, said Lil Warren.

“I’m really keen to create characters and unearth some interesting storylines based on what’s currently happening in and around Hoxton”, added Oladipo Agboluaje.

If you would like to find out how you can take part in the creation of the pilot for Hoxton Street, please join Hoxton Hall for a cuppa and a slice of cake at the launch of this exciting new project on Thursday 23rd January at 5pm. You’ll have an opportunity to meet the creative team and contribute your ideas to the making of Hoxton Street, Episode 1 – The Pilot.