Look Through Courage’s Window

From a path of self-discovery and exploring the softer side of courage (being loving and caring), comes “The Courage Brand” and the brand’s new series of window art. The project started with the restoring of old windows and the thought that all that was missing was a beautiful scene within the window. The result is these works, which are not only beautiful, but they are optical illusions in themselves. Each window seems common enough: just an old restored window. Beyond its windowpanes, however, is another world, a world of nature and twisting trees.

Meagan O’Nan, artist of “The Courage Brand,” created this company to break all barriers and give courage to people. Her artwork is simple and inspiring. O’Nan breaks barriers by making viewers believe that the scene beyond the window is real. Each work in this project is also beautiful to look at. She pairs the vintage feel of the windowpanes with the enchanting feel of the forest and trees beyond the glass. A particular thing that O’Nan does is to never edit the photographs. Each scene is exactly as she saw it when she took each photograph. The unedited photographs are real and authentic and make the window illusion even stronger.

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