Realistic frescoes created by Patrick Commecy

Buildings around France are getting a much needed paint job from street artist Patrick Commecy. He takes the sides of buildings and transforms them into beautiful and vibrant frescoes. Each of the frescoes have a realistic touch to them that makes each standout when viewing the paintings from the street. The different types of buildings vary from residences to offices to abandon buildings all around France. Patrick Commecy has designed and created over 300 paintings for both France and other parts around the world. He created a team of artists  to help spread the love of paint to buildings in a larger force.patrickcommecyfrescoes1

The goal for Commecy is to improve the “city part” that makes up a city. Each of the different frescoes represent identity, history and where everyone fits into the city. The giant murals have become objects of pride for many of the owners of the buildings as well as the people that walk by them. Each of the frescoes added the realism that depicts city life, heritage and culture. Commecy believes that each frescoes helps strengthen his brand as well as increase the beauty and culture in each city that one is featured. For each frescoe to truly be appreciated by the public, they have to be respected and valued. Each of the frescoes that are created by Patrick Commecy and his team strive to create paintings that people want to respect and keep maintainged.




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