Meet the fresh face of Afropop Keeana Kee

Keeana Kee has led an incredibly busy and varied life for someone still so young. Born in Latvia, raised here in London and now based in the US, Keeana Kee holds careers both in modelling, where she has worked with brands such as Sonata Lingerie, D&G and Alexander McQueen – and as a ‘tropical pop’ musician, which is how she refers to her own sound & style.

Her musical journey has so far seen her collaborate with the likes of Latin Multi-Grammy Award Winning producer Maffio (Pitbull J. Balvin, Farruko, Nicky Jam), become a passionate and vocal supporter for the LGBTQ community on track ‘Coconut Rum and Coke’, and on her latest single ‘Sweet Heaven’ she takes aim at America’s increasingly harsh border policies.

We caught up with the effervescent singer to find out more about ‘Sweet Heaven’ and what we can expect from her in 20201.

What artist has inspired you the most sonically when writing ‘Sweet Heaven’?

I wasn’t inspired by any particular artist. Instead, like for all my song writing, I concentrated solely on my own feelings and allowed my soul to sing it out completely. One shouldn’t be afraid of it, nor have to follow any rules. The most incredible and unique art comes to light from the unexpected.

Whatever I may feel in that particular moment, I just let it happen. All that I do in preparation to writing a song is ALLOW my soul to speak. I sing, I dance, I get in the mood of those vibes that in that moment are being born inside my heart and soul, and I just lay them out in melodies and words.

How do you feel ‘Sweet Heaven’ compares to your other 2020 singles?

Sweet Heaven is definitely something different from the other songs I have released this year. It’s more of a tribal feel than the reggaeton that my other songs have usually been written in. It has deeper lyrics and meaning, and is more spiritual and inspirational.

How do you mar together serious topics such as the deportation of undocumented immigrants within the USA with the ‘tropical pop’ music your fans have come to expect from you?

I feel blessed that I can express my feelings and concerns with my music. Although, my music style has mostly been fun, sunny, tropical vibes, when I write my lyrics I try to raise awareness of things that are happening in the world at that moment, things that are worrying me. Sweet Heaven was a great opportunity to express my feelings.

When I was writing Sweet Heaven, it was like a praise to God, to your guardian angel, or any force in the universe. It could even represent that special someone who you believe is either looking over you or is in your thoughts, which helps you get through your days and not give up. The first verse is like a message TO the listener, while the second verse is like a prayer FROM the listener to that special someone, like a call for help and support.

The video came together a bit later and was inspired by the horrible events that were happening in the USA – how children were separated from their families at the border when their parents were getting deported. I decided to dedicate Sweet Heaven to those families hoping on some force to help them get together. And wishing for them all to have that savior – that Sweet Heaven.

How have you been keeping creative during the challenging times we find ourselves in?

I am lucky enough to be healthy and have my family next to me. I was able to spend more time with them, reevaluate my life and my goals, and kind of recharge. I spent all my time working on the new music and video projects which I’ll be sharing with you throughout the next year.

Does your multi-cultural upbringing effect your sound, if so how?

It definitely did. I was also able to travel a lot for my modeling and that definitely opened up my mind and influenced me in so many ways. I never want to stop traveling. I love learning about other cultures and I get really inspired by all the new things I experience and the people I meet. I fall in love with other cultures and then that love transfers into my music.
I think when someone is feeling down or depressed the best way is to get out there and go see the World! It’s like taking a new breath.

You have become a passionate voice for the LGBTQ+ community within modern the modern music industry, how important is it to you to use your voice and platform for good?

It is very important for me because this is my life and this is who I am. I will keep standing up for these essential human rights for myself and for other members of the community whenever I can.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

Energy. Inspiration. Motivation. I want for my listeners to get taken away with me when they are listening to my songs. I want them to get carried away from the hustle and frustrations of their everyday lives. If they are listening to my tropical singles, I want them to smell the ocean, feel the sun rays on their skin, re-energize, and be able to accomplish everything they planned for that day.

Finally, what can we expect from Keeana Kee in 2021?

I hope 2021 will be a better year for all of us. I will be coming out with new music videos and a series of new singles and collaborations which I am super excited to share with you.

‘Sweet Heaven’ is out now. You can follow Keeana Kee on Instagram here.