Fashion: 8 Ways To Stylishly Stand Out From The Crowd

Fitting in while standing out requires some sort of art and owning your personal style. This can often be a tricky task especially in this era of fast fashion, dynamic trends that are in one minute and out the next and not forgetting the social media fashion icons – whom we follow religiously. The rule of thumb when it comes to impeccable styling is to get to the root of what makes your style tick. Dig in and trust your intuition, discover which colors and patterns complement your skin tone, make you look and most importantly reflect your uniqueness. True style is all about revealing yourself and letting your light shine. Your style ought to show your authentic self without you uttering a word. Don’t be a fashion victim drawn to every trend or be too-basic to alter any fashion fads that don’t compliment you. Always consider your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and function when picking your dress code. Getting that style that makes you stand out may take some time to achieve, but it’s worth your while. Below are 4 ways that can help one dress well to be noticed;


Style doesn’t mean breaking the bank to get the most lavish of clothes. The first step to style is good grooming from head to toe. Women who are well-groomed even without having the latest trends will always look elegant and well put together. Grooming entails not leaving the house without a shower, making sure the clothes are clean and in decent shape. Hair and nails should be clean and well maintained too. All this has an impact on how other people view you as a person and what you stand for.


Style needs to be simple to come naturally but make no mistake – effort is a must! Style requires common sense in acquiring clothes that embody your physique and are attractive enough to catch people’s attention. These items of clothing are what we call “statement pieces” and they help us stand out from the crowd. For instance, to stay on top of your style game, one could pair a basic outfit with a statement piece such as a Bottega Veneta bag. This will instantly spruce up the entire outfit and leave you looking sophisticated. A keen note to remember is to not over-do by wearing too many statement pieces. This creates a busy look and makes it seem as if you are trying too much.


The simplest of ways to make your style pop is by wearing clothes that actually fit. A good tailor is an investment to guarantee the clothes fit well like a glove. This is what demarcates a sharp look and one which is sloppy. While creating your wardrobe, focus on achieving quality over quantity. A well-made outfit is more flattering than having plenty of ready-made pieces that don’t give the body that perfect silhouette.


There is nothing that brings a look together as the accessories do. The right kind of accessories can elevate an outfit from plain to fabulous in no time. There are different types of fashion accessories that one can use to coordinate a look from handbags, shoes, belts, shawls, jewellery and the list goes on. Accessories are designed to draw attention to that piece and the person wearing it hence giving them the ability to stand out from the rest. Only one statement piece should be worn at any time as over-accessorising will leave you looking like a clown. In case you want to add some more, make sure they are simple so that they don’t detract from the main attraction.