Surrealist Portuguese Azulejos

Usually found as an element of architecture for both grand and ordinary structures in Spain and Portugal, the tin-glazed painted ceramic tiles, known as “azulejos” tiles, are a long standing tradition throughout Portuguese history.  Though once used as a method of temperature control in homes, they are now widely found as pure decoration throughout the neighboring countries. A new project coming out of the Portuguese capital of Lisbon has emerged using surrealism to create a more modern azulejos to create “Surrealejos.”. Taking the classical form of azulejos, the tiles graphic design takes random, relatively unrelated objects and creates a surreal interpretation of the common design. The artist, who goes by Mr. Surrealejos, says ” Surrealejos raise form a vision, set in Lisbon, in which waking and dreaming are both present to combine harmoniously. Going beyond rationality, [the tiles] takes the shape of the surreal concept of the traditional Portuguese azulejos.”

Check out these “azulejos of the XII century”:

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