Double exposure mastered: Brandon Kidwell photography

Interest in photography peaked for Brandon Kidwell when he purchased an iPhone.  The phone allowed for him to ignore all the advantages and limitations that regular cameras produce. Instead, he was able to just shoot. While he doesn’t have a formal artistic background, he believes he has always had artistic ability within him. He first began photographing his family and life around him before he began to get serious about art photography. As a freelance photographer based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Kidwell draws inspiration from the area and life around him. His images combine elements of humanism with elements in the natural world to display different themes. Kidwell uses a variety of colors in his different works to set the overall mood and tone of the image. He doesn’t shy away from balancing between using vibrant colors to changing images to black and white. Some of Kidwell’s most popular work comes from his double exposure in portraits. These images have been sought out by many and make the viewer feel like they are examining memories from the person.

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Image credit: Brandon Kidwell