Hairline by Janusz Jurek

Graphic designer Janusz Jurek is based in his birthplace, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland. He’s had his own NEO Graphic Design Studio for 20 years. Jurek has many artistic skills from 3D design, to photography to animation.

In his collection “Hairline,” the artworks each look three-dimensional. In black, white and grey, he shows heads, hands and feet. Some feature an entire body silhouette cut out of a mess of 3D hair. Either way, hair is the main subject. It makes up the bodies by winding and weaving shapes to look like them.

Jurek has created a unique artistic medium to design with. Creatively put together and intriguing to look at, “Hairline” is intricately put together.

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All artwork by Janusz Jurek: