Neon Experiment by Matthew Wykurz

Polish photographer Matthew Wykurz created this collection as an experiment. With UV light and fluorescent paint, he created psychedelic scenes fit for the 80’s. No editing was involved with these photos other than color saturation and correction.

The model’s face is either covered in shapes or dots. The pictures with the dotted face look like the girl is ready for a rave. The colors are shockingly bright and stand out on the woman’s features. In the pictures with shapes, the model’s hair isn’t streaked with color. Instead she sports neon brows, lips and eye makeup. Shining yellow triangles are painted on the jaw, forehead and neck.

No matter the painting technique, Wykurz’s experiment is worthy of an album cover. The pieces are intriguing and beautifully done.0e4c5d8a672d9cf82b8e6dbf3750f8ba9aeb4e67_660


All artwork by Matthew Wykurz: