Photography Trend Predictions for 2022

With the New Year just begun, what are the trends that can be expected in 2022 in photography?

What people choose to frame and snap with their camera or smart phones is often a reflection of the concerns driving society at large. And it is impossible to ignore the effect that the pandemic has had, and continues to have on the lives of many.

For example, it has had a dramatic effect on the world of work, with millions now working from home, not just on an occasional basis but permanently. Shopping and leisure habits have also changed significantly, and any retailer that does not have an online presence face going out of business. For example, one industry that thrived during lockdown and continues to prosper is the online casino business, – see for more details of some of the leading operators.

With online such as important channel now, the demand for essential products laid out clearly and artfully lighted has never been greater. Marketers know that a good picture is worth a thousand words so expect to see even the smaller outlets use professional photography as a means to sell their goods and services.

As a reaction to the prevailing gloom, of the global health crisis, people are looking to images that offer hope and optimism. That is why pictures of people having fun with friend and families are likely to make a strong come back in 2022, evoking memories of simpler, happier times.

Selfies will also remain a popular theme, in part as a reaction to the solitude that lockdown brought to so many, forcing them into deeper introspection than they would normally have had the time to indulge. Starved of other means to express themselves, some will choose to put themselves front and centre in front of the camera.

And, associated with that, and also to reflect the green agenda that is top of mind for so many, nature will become an important theme in 2022. Nature not only offers inspiring landscapes and stunning visual scenery but it also serves as reassurance and a means of escape. 

On a related theme, 2022 is the year when everything goes green. Last year brought climate change to the forefront for many and with extreme weather patterns starting to be experienced the world over, there is an increased acceptance that there needs to be some radical changes in the way that people live their lives. To reflect that, it can be expected that there will be more striking pictures illustrating the effects on local regions of pollution and other contaminants.

Meanwhile, what better way to escape the cares of the world than by heading into space? Now that commercial space travel has become not just a dream but an everyday reality, space exploration is becoming popular once again. And, with the launch of the James Webb telescope at Christmas, we are likely to be treated to shots of the universe we could never have imagined before. 

Technological developments inevitably will have an impact on the photographic space, with an obvious example being the recently launched Metaverse which blends the real and the virtual like never before. Experts argue that we have just begun to scratch the surface when it comes to what virtual reality can offer, so it should be expected that people can enjoy deeper more arresting visual experiences when shopping, studying or playing online games.