Inside the rhythmic world of East London based painter Karolina Albricht

Polish-born painter Karolina Albricht’s new exhibition is inspired by the lyrics of Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s Spinning Song. The phrase ’16 Branches High’ has been pasted up in Albricht’s studio in Bow, East London for months, watching over and influencing the many facets of her practice. This week her solo exhibition opens at Studio West Gallery in London.


“I think the role of painting is essentially to bring together different modes of thinking and seeing to arrive at something that one possibly hasn’t encountered before,” says Karolina.“I use a variety of materials and strategies to disrupt the image and force myself to ‘unsee’ it, re-examine it, re-configure it, and locate it again. It’s vital to me to keep the paintings open and alive, keep the curiosity and search for potential going.

Inspired by Music

Music and rhythm underpin her work. Karolina often listens to playlists as she paints the the organic line and irregular shapes seen throughout the works. She recycles studio detritus  to create textured surfaces, using shredded jute as ‘hair’, dried paint fragments and aptly named ‘other stuff’ (pumice, sand, grit, and calico amongst other things) to fashion work that escapes the expected boundary of two-dimensional painting.

The Body and the Canvas

Albricht investigates the relationship between the body and the canvas and the movement of her body can be observed in the works. Colour shifts, jagged lines and nearly recognisable forms overlap each other to generate a sense of visual potency and her largest canvases are like realms to be entered, dwarfing the body of the viewer as they stand and observe.

Art meets Ballet

In response to Karolina’s 16 Branches High exhibition she will collaborate with Portobello Dance Co., dancers Anna Daley and Stanley Young who will choreograph and perform a unique presentation in the gallery space on 24th March. Through movement Daley and Young will translate and react to Karolina’s engagement with shape, colour and surface.

16 Branches High by Karolina Albricht opens at Studio West Gallery, 216 Kensington Park Road, London, W11 1NR.
11th March – 8th April. For more information or to attend the ballet performance visit