What areas are covered in a professional End of tenancy  cleaning service? 

In an end of tenancy cleaning service all areas of the property should be  covered, the routine and coverage should be the same throughout most  cleaning companies, however it is always best to ask q 

questions prior to choosing the right company for you. You want to ask  exactly what is covered at the end of the tenancy cleaning service. Are  ovens and appliances covered? Is cleaning of carpets included? Are all  items of furniture included (inside and out)? All important things to ask  before deciding who to book with. Now with End of tenancy cleaning London, we offer every aspect of cleaning when providing our End of  tenancy cleaning service. We offer cleaning of every room, every surface  and every appliance. We do still have some cleaning services that may  come at an additional cost but we will make you fully aware of this when  contacting us to book. 

Our office team is friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to answer  any questions you may have. We also like to give as much advice as we  can so you can continue to achieve a clean, fresh property all year round.  Our cleaners are all fully trained and fully insured to cover any issues that  may arise, although very unlikely sometimes things get broken by mistake  and we like to reassure you that we are fully covered to cover any costs  for damages caused by us. When cleaning the cleaners will take the  highest level of care to ensure that damages do not occur, however  sometimes accidents happen.  

So coming back to the cleaning, we clean all rooms including Skirting  boards, doors and frames, plugs and switches, all furniture surfaces inside  and out, mirrors, toilets and showers inside and out (removing all  limescale and mildew) windows (inside only), external windows can be  booked separately, all small and large appliances including oven and  washing machine (inside and out) oven extractor fans, and furniture such  as sofas and mattresses will be vacuumed, (steam upholstery cleaning  can be booked separately) carpets will be vacuumed only (unless steam  cleaning is booked separately) all hard flooring will be swept/vacuumed  and then mopped. If there are ornaments and decor around the property  this will be dusted and polished this includes picture frames, ornaments  etc, the cleaners will place these items back where they were before  cleaning, cutlery will be cleaned if needed.  

We really do cover every area of the property. The cost for the end of  tenancy cleaning will depend on the size of the property. When you  contact us for a free no obligation quote we will ask how many bedrooms  the property has, how many bathrooms/ toilets and how many levels and 

staircases the property has. This will help us to calculate how many  cleaners will need to be sent and for how long they will be required for. If  on the day the cleaners need more time we will contact you and discuss  whether you’d like the cleaners to stay and finish for an additional cost or  whether you would like them to get as much done as they can in the time  booked prior to their arrival. This is an unlikely situation. We nearly never  need to add more time, this has only happened if the property is extremely  filthy. All of our cleaning services are also covered with a free re-clean  guarantee, this is valid for 24 hours after the cleaning has been completed  and only remains valid if no one has lived in the property once the clean  has been completed. We will send back a cleaner to fix any areas that you  might feel requires further cleaning.