Top 5 Tips for Attending a Vintage Kilo Sale

The annual Brixton Kilo Sale is set to take place on July 2. The event is bringing 6 tons of sustainable vintage clothing to attendees for just £15 per kilo. These types of events can be perfect for finding one of a kind retro pieces at unbeatable prices but can be really hard to navigate for first timers. Here are 5 essential tips for making the most of your kilo sale experience.

  1. Bring your own bag

Many of times kilo sales will not provide a bag to shoppers, meaning you will be stuck carrying around your haul of clothing. Bringing your own bag is essential so your clothing finds have a safe place to sit while you dig for your next piece. In addition, the size of your bag can help you regulate just how many or how little clothes you buy.

  1. Have a tape measure on hand

Keeping a tape measure on you can be so vital at kilo sales. With one you never have to deal with the doubt of if a clothing item will fit you or not. You can also remeasure yourself if you forget your clothing sizes. Especially since there are rarely fitting rooms, having reassurance in your clothing picks is essential to narrowing down your selections to the prefect pieces for you.

  1. Avoid wearing bulky clothing

Once again, these kilo sales often times do not have fitting rooms which makes picking out the right items even harder. Through avoiding bulky clothing, you can throw pieces on over your clothes and try on items without any worries.

  1. Patience is a virtue

With any vintage clothing selection items will vary in quality and style. Keep your patience while digging through the pieces. Your perfect item is somewhere in the mix but you most likely are going to have to scour for it.

  1. Get there early

If you want to get first pick at all the piles of clothing arriving early is a must. Although there will be long queues and lots of people, some of the stress can be avoided through some pre-planning and an early arrival.