The Most Innovative Fast-Growing Industries In Ireland Right Now

At the current moment, many companies are looking at new innovative ways to keep up to date with current global situations. For the most part, the top-performing industries are those that stay ahead of the curve and become some of the fastest-growing companies. 

Let’s explore some of Ireland’s fastest and most innovative growing industries.

Aviation & Travel Industries

Growing rapidly and mostly behind the scenes, the aviation and travel industries are taking quite the shape in Ireland. Some of the biggest aircraft are managed by companies in Dublin, the names such as Ryanair, Aer Lingus Avalon etc. 

Due to the recent pandemic the travel industries have taken quite the plunge. This has led the companies to get innovative with how they offer safe travel at rates which will attract customers. 

Many of these companies have gone the fuel-saving route by offering seats that have no check-in bags, this is in order to save weight, which in return will save the company loads in fuel costs.

Online Casino Industry

The UK is one of the spearheads in the online casino industry. In Ireland alone, one can find several top-rated online casinos which attract thousands of customers on a daily basis. The online casino industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide.

The question is how does an industry that struggled in its early days become the giant money-racking machine it is today? Apart from the fact that casino games can be super fun and rather addicting, online casinos figured out what their customers want.

Through the use of AI technologies, online casinos have been gathering human behaviourism from the gamers that use their sites. Once they gathered and analysed the data, they started to adapt their sites to suit the customer’s needs.

Digital Technologies

By far one of Ireland’s largest industries is the exporting of tech services. Ireland is home to 9 out of 10 top tech companies with funds being raised for startups increasing by up to 70% in 2016. Since then these tech companies have been constantly upgrading their facilities to facilitate loads of new employees. 

Tech companies have products that are constantly evolving and require a huge amount of employees to keep the wheels turning which is also one of the reasons tech companies are some of the friendliest and most hip offices around.


The Irish are already quite popular and known for their innovation when it comes to construction works, after all, who built New York if it wasn’t the Irish? The Irish construction industry is responsible for the construction of google data centres globally, as well as for other giant tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft.

The Irish construction industry doesn’t strictly cater for tech companies either, in fact they’re responsible for innovation projects in the Gulf, Caspian sea, international airports and so much more.

Life Sciences

Perhaps one of Ireland’s fastest-growing industries is the biosciences industry. More than half of the 888 million euros raised by Irish SME Firms go to the Life Science industry.

Annual exports total excess of 50 billion euros. As many as 50,000 people work for local businesses and multinational corporations within the Life Science industry. 

Health-improving goods are all part of the life sciences business. This includes everything from biotechnology-based foods and medications to medical equipment. It also includes everything from cosmetics and health supplements to food processing.

Digital Marketing

As the whole world begins its transition into going completely digital, more and more digital content and marketing solutions are needed. Today it’s common knowledge that billions of users around the globe have a smartphone and that the average human spends roughly 4-6 hours a day on their mobile device.

Essentially this means the average human is exposed to digital marketing for a guaranteed 4-6 hours. Just look at the music industry with artists such as Tim Baresko and G.Felix on their latest tech house release, the whole marketing campaign was done digitally and they are not the only ones to do so, in fact, many choose to go down this path.


Ireland is home to some of the world’s largest industry leaders. Just like Mike Worrals surreal dream-like painting these giant industries will shape our world into the unknown.