Introducing: Pürcha, the purest, most premium bubbletea in the UK

Pürcha is a new Bubbletea store serving delicious drinks that are brewed fresh to order and is the only Bubbletea brand to use purified mineral water in its process. With branches already in Holborn, Croydon and a Charing Cross establishment opening imminently, the brand serves the purest of Bubbletea using, 99.9% pure, contaminant-free water, which tastes incredible. Alongside the Bubbletea offering, Pürcha also offers mouthwatering Taiwanese Fried Chicken which can be seasoned to your liking with flavours such as Salt & Pepper and Plum.

The Pürcha brand is founded by Bubbletea maestro and food & drink entrepreneur Paul Cheung, who has grown his stores aligned with the Bubbletea market predicted a 225% growth over the next decade. Paul is on a mission to bring the best Bubbletea to Londoners via his three Pürcha stores which offer a delicious range of drinks and food and are perfect for people to meet and enjoy together.

Whether you’re a convert of the phenomenon or a Bubbletea novice, there is something for everyone at each Pürcha store. For those not sure what to choose, Pürcha have a simplified ‘Top 4’ menu which gives the three most popular Fruit Tea, BubbleMilk Tea and Latte options. Customers can also pick their percentage of ice and sugar that’s added to their drink to make the experience extra personalised.

Every Pürcha order is made with freshly brewed tea, with tea leaves out on display for your choosing and high-tech brewing machines that brew your tea in front of you, you can be sure that your drink is never pre-made or stored in large urns. Highlights of the menu include the mouthwatering Mango Roasted Oolong Tea and the vibrant and unusual Purple Sweet Potato Latte.

Priced from as little as £3.20, Pürcha also offer a menu of premium teas including a Floral Black Tea and Silvertip Jasmine Green Tea and the delicious fruit tea options include Lychee, Rose and Peach. Delectable toppings include Coconut Jelly, Honey Boba and Aloe Vera.