Spag Heddy 2.0 Summons Flying Spaghetti Monster for 5-track “The Big Boil” EP

Attention, Pastafarians – your head chef returns, and this time Spag Heddy has cooked up a delectable five-course dinner menu in the form of his newest project, “The Big Boil” EP. The spaghetti master himself has been pretty quiet since last year’s release of his debut album “The Noodle Effect,” and now he’s serving up some heavy-hitting tunes that bring him back to his roots. The EP is off to an epic start with the ominous tone of  “Revenge of the Meatballs,” and things start really heating up with the combination of stabbing synths, grinding mechanical bass and otherworldly vocals between the first and second track “Gameplay.” The reverence continues with “R’amen,” which weaves in some pseudo-religious hymns with devastating beats and digitized melodies, while “Get ‘Em” is the EP’s certified hype track for the club or the gym. Spag Heddy closes “The Big Boil” out with the victory cry that is “Sonic Beef,” where one can almost imagine the universe itself forming. Old school fans will love the dose of nostalgia that Spag going back to his original sound brings, while newer bassheads will delight in exploring the sonic feast that is this EP. Check out the dates below to see when you can catch a session of the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster live soon.

It’s been a year since I released my debut album, so it is high time for a new body of work. With ‘The Noodle Effect,’ I showcased more of myself and brought a variety of styles to the table that I had not shown before. In the void that came after the release of it, I’ve taken time off to reflect on my music path and gone back to find inspiration in places where I would look in the early days of my career. EpticSkrillexKnife Party, are some of the main musical influences for the spirit of ‘The Big Boil‘ EP, as well as very old (unfinished) songs of myself. This EP feels like Spag Heddy 2.0, continuing where I left off but with a refined recipe.” – Spag Heddy

Jun 28 – Tempe, AZ – Sunbar Tempe
Jun 29 – Tuscon, AZ – Gentle Ben’s Brewing
Jul 05 – Lommel, BE – Rampage Open Air 2024
Aug 24 – Budapest, HU – A38 Roof Terrace

The Netherlands-born and Spain-based Spag Heddy has been cooking up dubstep hits since 2011, when his club bangers quickly got the attention of fans and industry tastemakers alike. With SkrillexRuskoExcision and others counted among his inspirations, Spag has gained widespread acclaim for his hard-hitting and yet melodic style that always feels fresh and forward-thinking. He has multiple successful singles as well as remixes and collaborations for The ChainsmokersKrewellaSLANDER, and originals that can be heard in sets of SkrillexExcisionSubtronicsNGHTMRE and many other heavyweights. His high-energy, mesmerizing sets have earned him tours with Zomboy and Flux Pavilion as well as direct support for Excision and Zeds Dead, plus a number of his own headlining tours around the globe. Now on the eve of releasing his most exciting project to date, Spag Heddy is well on his way to the top.